LUNCH served 11:30-3:30

– a soup of clams, potatoes, fresh herbs, and cream … cup $5 or bowl $7

SHRIMP – white american shrimp seasoned and steamed to perfection and served by the pound … $20 or 1/2 pound … $12

CLAMS – a dozen little neck clams lightly steamed … $12

ROADSIDE SALAD – fresh mesclun lettuce topped w/apples, oranges, craisins, & pistachio nuts drizzled with raspberry vinaigrette & topped w/grated parmesan … $8

CAESAR – a classic creamy caesar dressing with hand torn romaine hearts, croutons and aged parmesan cheese … $8 / add blackened fish … $12

CHICKEN SALAD – our famous chicken salad tossed in a yogurt based lemon pepper dressing and served atop a bed of mesclun greens with fresh fruits, fresh parmesan, then topped with raspberry vinaigrette … $12

SHRIMP AND GRITS – pan seared jumbo gulf shrimp with creamy cheese grits and a tasso ham red gravy … $10    

VEGAN PAD THAI – a julienne of asian veggies tossed with rice noodles and our housemade sauce then garnished with cilantro and peanut sauce …$12  add tofu or shrimp … $15 

VEGAN TACO BOWL – lentil bean taco “meat’ , spanish rice, shredded veggies, black bean and corn salsa, guacamole, tortilla strips, and coconut sour cream … 12 / add pan seared jumbo shrimp … $15

BLT – Smithfield bacon, romaine lettuce, vine ripe tomato, and a fresh roasted garlic mayonnaise on toasted bread … $8

TURKEY SANDWICH  – thinly sliced turkey with pepper jack cheese, bacon, lettuce, and tomato on toast with garlic mayo … $11

TUNA MELT – fresh home made tuna salad with cilantro pistachio pesto served open faced on flat bread with sliced tomato and pepper jack cheese … $10

FRENCH DIP SANDWICH- thinly sliced prime rib with caramelized onions and provolone cheese on a toasted baguette with au jus … $12

CHICKEN SANDWICH –  grilled chicken breast on brioache with lettuce, tomato, onion, and sriracha mayo … $10    add cheese and bacon… $12

PORK LOIN SANDWICH – sliced pork tenderloin with apple slaw and sriracha mayo on brioche … $11

FISH SANDWICH – cajun blackened catfish served on a kaiser roll with melted pepper jack cheese, tomato, and dill tarter sauce … $10

BIG BURGER – 1/2 pound sterling silver beef grilled to order and fixed how you like it … $10 / with cheese and bacon … $12